Microfiber Applicator Pad-Tan

The right tool for the job makes all the difference in the world. The Chemical Guys Tan Workhorse Microfiber Applicator pad is the perfect pad for conditioning and protecting leather seats and upholstery in any fine vehicle. The premium applicator pad is made with 70/30 blend microfiber that stays soft through dozens of wash and dry cycles. Every Workhorse applicator pad is made with a thick foam core that feels plush and firm in the hand, and ensures even coverage over leather. Remember that leather is skin; without proper protection from the sun, the harsh elements, or from dry weather, leather will crack, fade, and look terrible. Use the premium Tan Workhorse Applicator Pad to moisturize and condition leather seats, upholstery, and accessories with premium Chemical Guys leather care products. Moisturize and nourish stiff and dried-out leather with Leather Conditioner to keep it soft and supple. Protect leather seats in convertibles and cars in hot climates against UV sunlight damage and liquid stains with Leather Serum. For fast action, clean and condition leather seats and upholstery in one step with Sprayable Leather on the Tan Workhorse Applicator Pad. Color-coding microfiber for different jobs around the vehicle is crucial. Wiping down any sensitive surface with the wrong towel or pad can cause permanent stains or damage. Never mix and match towels and applicators for wheels, paint, and interiors. Choose the Tan Workhorse Microfiber Applicator Pad for all leather upholstery, seats, and accessories inside and outside any vehicle.

  • Premium soft scratchless applicator pad
  • Perfect for spreading conditioner on leather seats or upholstery
  • Spreads the perfect thin, even layer of premium leather conditioner and serum
  • Works with cream sealants, paste waxes, and spray protectants
  • Made with ultra soft 70/30 microfiber
  • Lint-Free microfiber
  • Durable plush foam core is easy to hold and spread product
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