El Gordo Professional Extra Thick Supra Microfiber Towels, Green
(16x16) (ต่อผืน)

Chemical Guys El Gordo Extra Thick Supra Green Microfiber Towels are fine quality towels for waterless washes and general purpose detailing. Green El Gordo Extra Thick Supra Towels are versatile enough for all interior and exterior detailing applications because they are soft, durable, and scratch-free. Every towel features one thin weave side, and one thick weave side. Use the thick pile side to wipe up and trap dust and debris with EcoSmart waterless detailing solution, and buff away detail sprays for a streak-free shine. Use the thin weave side to remove cured paste waxes and sealants without scratching the surface with the towel. The bright neon green color of El Gordo Supra Towels clearly highlight any dirt or debris cleaned from the car so the user can flip to a clean side and avoid scratching paint with any abrasive dirt. Microfiber is the industry-standard cloth for touching and wiping cars because it is super-soft, super-absorbent, and will not scratch paint when used properly. El Gordo Extra Thick Supra Towels are made with a select 70/30 blend of microfiber for exceptional softness and durability, and a luxurious microfiber-stitched edge to further reduce the chances of scratching sensitive paintwork. Upgrade to Chemical Guys El Gordo Extra Thick Supra Microfiber Towels for a premium soft touch for waterless washes and general detailing work.

  • Premium soft towel
  • Perfect for waterless washes and general detailing jobs all over the vehicle
  • Bright green color highlights dirt; shows you when to flip to avoid scratches
  • Lint free & scratch free
  • Made with 70/30 microfiber
  • Microfiber-stitched edges further reduce scratches
  • Two plush heights for unlimited versatility
  • Convenient 16.5’’ x 16.5’’ dimensions tackle any detailing task
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