Easy Grip Soft Hex Logic Applicator Pad, White

The Easy Grip Applicator Pad combines a comfortable base handle with soft Hex Logic foam to spread the perfect coat of any tire shine, dressing, or plastic protectant. The soft applicator pad easily cleans and spreads a thin, even coat of any Chemical Guys premium protectant dressing on rubber tires, plastic bumper panels, engine bay components, or trim found all around any vehicle. Normal applicator pads are made with porous foam all the way to the handle. After a few uses, products seep to the grip and get all over the user’s hands. The Easy Grip Hex Logic Applicator Pad uses a dense core foam grip that does not absorb any creams, liquids, or gels. This simple design keeps products off the fingers, and adds a stable base for comfortable and precise product spread on any car part. Use the Easy Grip Applicator to shine and protect road tires, low profile racing tires, door trim, mirror covers, or bumper and engine bay parts. Quickly restore a deep black shine to any vinyl, rubber, or plastic parts. Moisturize sun-bleached parts to rejuvenate a factory-fresh black shine. Choose The Easy Grip Soft Hex Logic Applicator Pad for comfortable, easy, and precise application of any Chemical Guys dressing or protectant.

  • No mess and easy-to-use
  • Premium soft foam for even product spread on vinyl, rubber, and textured plastic surfaces
  • Hex Logic grooves spread product more evenly and efficiently than flat foam
  • Dense comfort foam grip doesn’t absorb product, dirt, or grime
  • Keeps fingers and hands clean and dry
  • Saves product, saves time, saves money
  • Ideal for applying a coat of any tire shine, dressing, or plastic protectant
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